How to Use Fins

Fins are the piece of equipment that go on your feet like shoes to propel you through the water they work a lot like fish fins.

Fins are not essential for snorkelling but they do allow you much better propulsion through the water.

How to use fins
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There are two basic types of fins


Full foot fins are like shoes coming in a range of sizes


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how to use fins, snorkel trips


Open heel fins are sized from small to extra-large with an adjustable strap on the heel to secure the fin to the foot the adjustable strap allows for change in the foot shape and size at depth

Choose fins that are snug but not too tight. If they hurt or curl your toes especially, you may develop cramps while snorkelling. If they slip off your heels, they’re too big. Better a little big than too small. They will slip on easier when your feet are wet.

How to use  fins РLaying flat down in the water, you should do a scissor kick with the whole of your leg from your hips keeping your legs straight with your knees slightly bent and toes pointed. Keep your knees and ankles relaxed to avoid leg muscles cramping.

Fins should remain below the water line. Your toes should be pointed in the opposite direction from where you wish to get too.

You will notice that your fins propel you through the water. You will hardly need to use your arms and can let them rest easily at your side, or fold your hands over your lower back. Loosen heel strap by pulling out on the buckle and pulling on the middle of the heel strap at the same time.