How to Use a Mask



The mask is the piece of equipment used to go over your face to help see clearly underwater.

First, be sure the mask fits your face.  Hold the mask up to your face clearing the strap from your face.  Breathe in through your nose.  The mask should seal perfectly and stay on, without holding it, for as long as you breathe in.

If any air leaks in, water will also leak into the mask .  Keep all hair out of the seal, if you have a moustache us a good amount of Vaseline, below your nose to act as a seal.

Masks should remain reasonably dry on the inside, but they can accidentally fill with water .

This usually happens when the strap has slipped down to far or when smiling or laughing underwater.  A flooded mask can be easily cleared by looking up, putting two fingers at the top of the front of the mask, and simply blowing out of your nose.  You can leave a little water in your mask, when it can be swished around for an instant defog.

Slide the mask strap over your head while holding the mask against your face.  Pull both of the loose ends of the mask strap until the mask seals comfortably on your face.  The mask should only be so firm on your face to create a seal.  The mask should not be painful on your face.  If the mask is too tight the mask will leak.  The strap should lay flat against the back of your head.  Putting on the mask, adjust straps by using the buttons on the buckle of your mask, while pulling on the centre of the mask strap.  Repeat process for other side.  If you are still experiencing leakage form your mask check to make sure : your hair is not caught or stuck between the mask skirt and your face.  The mask skirt is lying flush against  your face. The mask straps are adjusted properly.

Defogging your mask – there are some products made for defogging but a bit of spit usually does the trick.  You can also use  a small drop of shampoo, rinsed with ocean water (salt water works better than fresh water).

Follow these tips on how to use a mask while snorkeling and you will be sure to have a great snorkel experience