Our Popular Snorkel Trips

VIP Reef Cruise

Experience our Top Deck Club Great Barrier Reef Experience includes your own valet for the day, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and 2 spectacular reef locations

Best of Cairns 3 Day Getaway

Indulge in our luxury tours with Top Deck Club on the Great Barrier Reef, Kuranda Railway & Skyrail Gold Class and Luxury Hot Air Ballooning.


Daintree, Reef and Kuranda

3 days exploring Australia's beautiful Daintree Rainforest, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef and jump onboard North Queensland's historical train to Kuranda for the day


Kuranda, Reef and Daintree (3 day)

Experience Kuranda Train and Skyrail, discover our two World Heritage locations Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest on this 3 day adventure


Reef, Raft and Skydive (3 Day)

The Awesome three - Great Barrier Reef - Tully River Rafting - 14,000ft Skydive experience the thrill of our 3 day adventure package experience North...


Skydive, Reef and Daintree

3 Days of Fun Experience the Adrenalin rush of Skydiving from ft The beauty of Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest departing from Cairns


Reef and Daintree on a Budget

2 days snorkel Australia's Great Barrier Reef experience the thrill of boomnetting and explore the oldest living Rainforest in the World the Daintree Rainforest


Reef, Rafting and Kuranda

3 Day North Queensland Adventure package Day Great Barrier Reef experience White Water Rafting Kuranda Train and skyrail package includes Kuranda markets


Reef and Rainforest Family Getaway

1 Day snorkelling Australia's Great Barrier Reef including boomnetting, Day 2 jump onboard our historical train, discover Kuranda the village in the rainforest includes skyrail


Tropical Getaway

Our Tropical Getaway package includes 2 days and one night on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands, our all inclusive day on Australia's Great Barrier Reef


Action Getaway

spend days in beautiful North Queensland includes Great Barrier Reef overnight, Overnight stay in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands and Tully River White Water Rafting


North Queensland Getaway

Our 4 day getaway will have you exploring limestone caves, discovering the oldest tropical rainforest in the World and staying on Australia's Great Barrier Reef


3 day Rafting, Reef and Rainforest

Our Great value 3 day Tropical Escape White Water Rafting, Great Barrier Reef, scenic railway and the skyrail to Kuranda the village in the rainforest


Reef and Rafting on a Budget

Great Barrier Reef and White Water Rafting Our North Queensland package includes a full day on the Great Barrier Reef and white water rafting


Reef Experience and Kuranda

Day Experience Discover two of North Queensland's Best Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Kuranda the village in the rainforest includes skyrail & historical train


Girls Getaway

The ultimate girls Cairns Getaway will take you on VIP Reef, Kuranda Rainforest, Horseback Riding and finish off with Cairns Sunset Dinner Cruise.


Tropical Paradise Day Tour

Spend a wonderful day on Cairns best Great Barrier Reef tour and then relax and take in the city lights on Cairns sunset dinner cruise


Cairns on a Budget

Enjoy the splendour of Daintree Rainforest , the Beauty of the Atherton Tablelands, the thrill of Whitewater Rafting and Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef


Reef, Rainforest and Paronella Park

3 day North Queensland Adventure including all inclusive Great Barrier Reef cruise, the romance of Paronella Park, Daintree Rainforest and crocodile spotting river cruise

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Great Barrier Reef Snorkel Tours


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Cairns Liveaboard Snorkel Tours

Cairns Day Tours 

Great Barrier Reef Snorkel Trips our family owned company owns and operates Great Barrier Reef snorkel liveaboard and day tours.

We pride our self in delivering outstanding snorkel experiences and have been doing so for 30 years – it is always our aim to provide an atmosphere on-board so that you feel like you have been on the Great Barrier Reef with friends and not a number on a manifest – so please if you are  coming to Cairns, snorkel with us !


Snorkeling is a great recreational activity. Make the most of your snorkel trips by stopping by some of the best snorkeling vacation destinations.

The best snorkel trips will leave you amazed by the natural beauty and unique marine life just below the water’s surface. Plan your snorkel trip today!

Snorkel Trips
Snorkel Trips: Visit Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

Many people prefer snorkel trips when compared to scuba diving trips because snorkeling is considered to be more laid back than diving. Plus, snorkeling requires less training and a lower skill set than most diving excursions.

Nonetheless, the best snorkeling trips still provide an incredible adventure to view marine life. There are many great snorkeling vacation destinations around the world!

Snorkel trips are great because they allow you to observe underwater life for a prolonged period of time, and snorkeling requires little equipment and little training. Snorkeling allows you to experience nature without needing heavy equipment necessary for scuba diving.

Family snorkel trips with 'Reef Experience' - Cairns, Australia
Family snorkel trips with ‘Reef Experience’ – Cairns, Australia

Snorkeling allows you to observe marine life just below the water’s surface, providing first hand encounters with marine inhabitants. Although you can snorkel in any body of water, snorkeling vacation destinations deliver great adventures for exploring sea life that few get to see.

The best snorkel trips can be found around the world, but one of the top destinations is the Great Barrier Reef.

Snorkelers often favor snorkeling trips that have a sea level of one to four meters. You can visit deeper reefs; however, diving depths are limited.

No matter your preferred diving depth, snorkeling provides you with a certain freedom that scuba diving doesn’t necessarily offer.

Not only can you observe and explore coral reefs and its inhabitants, but you can also see wreckage’s, caves and so much more while on the best snorkel trips. Snorkel trips are great to take by yourself or with the whole family, as even children are able to snorkel.

In some cases, you don’t even need to know how to swim!

Liveaboard snorkel trips offer something for the whole family if you’re short of time a day tour might be more suitable, celebrating a special event ? see our VIP Snorkel Tours